Mobile TimeSync

Mobile TimeSync 2.1.0

Turn your Windows Mobile device into an atomic clock!

Stay in sync with atomic NTP time servers on the Internet with this .NET application.

TimeSync uses a minimal amount of bandwidth and its rich, intuitive interface allows a user to select from a number of options, including:

  • Multiple time servers for even greater resilience and reliability (four international time servers are installed by default).
  • Option to move time servers down in order of priority on failed synchronization.
  • Improved graphical layout.
  • Optional audio notification of a failed or successful time synchronization.
  • Option to synchronize time while device is sleeping.
  • Includes built-in HTML help.
  • Supports international regions, multiple time-zones and daylight-saving time.
  • Time server settings include configurable NTP string and port.
  • Option to automatically synchronize time at a set interval.
  • Option to automatically retry a failed sync.
  • Option to automatically dial if not connected.
  • Automatically runs in the background after a soft reset.

Intuitive, simple internet time for your Pocket PC.

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Mobile TimeSync


Mobile TimeSync 2.1.0

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